Musical Direction

Musical Director:

Jane Edwardson


Jenny Wattis

Assistant Musical Director:

Fiona Thompson

Our MD, Jane Edwardson
Our MD, Jane Edwardson

Jane Edwardson has been our musical director since we started singing together in 1997.

Her first experience of conducting and arranging came about by accident whilst singing as a member of the Sheffield Socialist Choir. After moving to Leeds and finding no LGB choir here (or anywhere else in the North of England), she decided to set one up herself!

Since then she has been trained in choral conducting and music direction with Sing for Pleasure, and is noted for her ability and skill in establishing rapport with both singers and audiences.  She is the only person to have been awarded the John Coates Memorial Baton on two occasions – 2000 & 2006.

As well as conducting Gay Abandon, Jane used to be musical director of the lesbian a cappella group Deep C Divas, and in 2002 she conducted them in concert at the Sydney Opera House.

Gay Abandon have yet to sing anywhere quite so famous, but we do sing lots of Jane’s arrangements, including a set of songs commissioned for our LGBT History Month performances in 2006,  our ‘Big Hair Do’ set in 2009, our ‘Pride Not Prejudice’ set in 2012 and our ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’ set in 2013.

West Yorkshire's lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* choir