Being part of a huge team like Gay Abandon requires some commitment – especially if you want to take part in our performances. How much commitment you need to be in Gay Abandon depends a bit on what you want to do. Most of our members want to take part in our performances, whereas one or two just want to come along for a sing every week.
If you don’t perform, you’ll have to accept that in the run-up to concerts, we’re focussing on that.
If you want to perform, the level of commitment involved is higher, and includes learning music outside rehearsals, and thinking about costumes, stage presence and movement, for example.


We rehearse every week during term time, for two hours on a Tuesday night. If you miss more than the odd rehearsal, you’ll find it hard to join in when you do come along and you’ll hold up the rest of the choir because you won’t know what we learnt while you were away, so we do ask that you try to make most rehearsals.

We also have occasional weekend rehearsals, particularly in the run-up to a major performance.

For members who want to perform with us, it’s vital that you attend the rehearsals in the run-up to a concert.  If you’re having a busy time and can’t make every rehearsal, then you may need to skip the next performance – lots of us do this from time to time.


Everyone is involved in some way in running the choir. Some people prefer to help with specific projects such as planning concerts or social events, others choose to take on day-to-day tasks such as keeping membership records up to date or maintaining the website. There are big jobs and small jobs, and you can choose your level of involvement, but everyone needs to do something to help keep us running.

Stage performance

Performing members have to do much more than just sing!  Some of our performances involve simple choreography and movement.  We perform in costume – sometimes we make them ourselves, sometimes it’s just a matter of all wearing the same colour(s).  We have a costume team who come up with the ideas, then help and advise everyone else.  We perform without sheet music, so you’ll need to learn your words and music by heart!

West Yorkshire's lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* choir