Membership fees

Members of Gay Abandon pay a membership fee.

Membership fees are paid by monthly standing order.

Additional costs

You’ll be expected to contribute towards the cost of your costume. When we travel, we often subsidise the cost, but members usually have to make a contribution.

Financial support

We aim to to make the choir accessible to anybody, regardless of their ability to pay.  We operate concessionary rates for people on low incomes.  We try to subsidise costs where possible.  And we fundraise, when necessary, to help cover costs.


As a member of Gay Abandon, we hope that you will help out with fund-raising efforts to keep the costs to individual members down. This might be performing at paying gigs, helping out with table-top sales or discos, or any other grand plans you can think of!


We’re also open to offers of financial help from any individuals or businesses that might want to sponsor us.  Please contact us to discuss this!

West Yorkshire's lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* choir